Tushinde Christmas Presents

 For Christmas this year buy your friends happiness through helping others!

Check out our range of charity gifts that will make a real difference to the lives of children and families in Kenya. If you want to buy a gift and nominate it for a friend,  email us and let us know and we will organise a thank you card. megan@tushinde.org.uk

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School shoes £15: In the slums there are no sewage facilities or street cleaning services forcing children to walk through piles of rubbish and human waste. Your gift of closed toe shoes will help children get to school safely.


Class 2, Excellence School, Mathare, Nairobi
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School pack £35: A decent education can transform a child’s life. Help us get even more children lifted out of poverty with our school pack. Your gift will be invested in getting children behind a desks and staying there

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Girls at one of our forums.

Girls pack £25: Menstruation affects women the world over. These inexpensive items are simply unaffordable to many families. A Tushinde girls pack contain everything a girl needs to stay safe and healthy and part of the package includes training so they can protect themselves from sexual violence. Our packs will be distributed to girls in our regular forums.

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Boys pack £25: Boys in slums face many obstacles growing up and are particularly vulnerable to falling into crime, being abused or becoming abusers themselves. Our team works to give boys positive life choices by training, coaching and supporting boys to stay safe and be role-models through Tushinde’s boys forums.


Mum and baby
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New baby pack £50:Babies in Mathare have a tough start in life with mums forced to work while their new-borns are left at home, often unattended. With your help, Tushinde can step in to give a lifeline for new mums. This gift includes vouchers for our day care centres, plus the essentials to keep their children healthy for the first six months.


Floods and fire are common in Mathare
Emergency support kit £75 : Tushinde works with families in crisis who are often left with nowhere else to go. Your gift will provide people with the basic essentials they need in life as well as regular and comprehensive support from our social workers to help them get back on their feet.

Starting a tailoring business.

Business start up £100 : Your gift will help people start making a living for themselves so they can get out of the poverty trap. From training women, to teaching business skills, your gift funds our work in helping people earn an income.







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